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The 5 Fall Coats You Need Before Winter Officially Sets In

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It’s cold, but not to point of “where is my puffer” freezing. But forgoing outerwear altogether isn’t an option either. It’s this weird awkward time in life where you’re overheating one second, then you step into shade, and you’re shivering. And let’s discuss this  insane temperature range: It’s as low as the 40s in the morning, it can reach as high as 70 at noon, and then drop back down to 30s. 

Before we get all riled up about the weather (we’re New Yorkers—it’s our favorite subject), we found five perfect fall-to-winter transitional coats that will save you the time wasted hating on something that’s out of your control (and subsequently, help lower your high blood pressure). From a beautiful camel wool-blend coat to a reliable trench, here are the five in-between coats to wear until it’s actually time to break out that puffer.


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